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  • Unit 4 youth's problems pretext exercises

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    EXERCISE 3 Read model letters of application paying special attention to the difference in the layouts. In the margins place the following headings for each element of

    the Ietter

    Elements of letter of application

    о Refer to the advertising

    о Mention the position and apply for it

    о Say why you are applying

    о Highlights of education /job experience / personal qualities (related to position


    о Reason for leaving your present position (be positive!)

    о Ask for a job interview.

    American Letter of Application

    Johnstrasse 34

    A-1140 Vienna


    26 May 2001

    Diem, Jespersen & Guthrie 147 East Wacker Avenue Chicago IL 60601


    I refer to your advertisement in today's Chicago Herald and wish to apply for the position of auditor.

    My university training and job experience in accounting and related fields plus my facility with three languages would be an asset to your multinational corporation.

    As an editor of the university newspaper I had the opportunity to put management skills to practical use. The job required drive, tact and initiative and I was able to prove that I possess these qualities.


    Although I am not unhappy in my present position I would like to work abroad. I know Illinois from the time I spent at the University of Michigan as an exchange student, and I am sure I would enjoy living there.

    Next month I will be visiting my friends in the States and could arrange to be in Chicago for a job interview. Please let me know when it would be convenient for you to see me. My telephone number in Austria is 01-9432522, from June 3 to 27 you can reach me under 313 - 577-9702


    Thomas Billinger

    Thomas Billinger Encl

    British Letter of Application

    28 Colkett Drive


    Tel: 0603/47 083

    25 January 2001

    Ms Jill Holden Personnel Manager AGM plc 52 Boundary Road CAMBRIDGE CB1 2JB

    Dear Ms Holden

    Following our telephone conversation of today I am sending you a copy of my CV as requested.

    The experience that I have acquired both during the course of my studies and in previous employment is directly relevant to the work of your marketing department, and I feel that my abilities would be a real asset to your company.

    You indicated that there is a strong possibility of a vacancy occurring in the near future and I hope you will consider me for the position when it comes up.

    As you can see from the enclosed CV, my knowledge of three European languages and my love of traveling would greatly benefit the increased trade fair activities that you are contemplating. At the same time my interest in modern art, though on an amateur level, is nevertheless extensive and could be put to good use if you decide to venture further into the field of art sponsorship.


    May I repeat that I can come for a job interview at any time and am available to begin work immediately.

    Yours sincerely,

    Irene Palmer-Fitz

    Irene Palmer-Fitz End

    EXERCISE 4 Job requirements. Here is a list of requirements for different jobs. Consult your dictionary and find the appropriate Russian equivalents

    EXERCISE 5 Choose five requirements from the above list for each of the following people and place them in order of priority:

    EXERCISE 6. Read two sample letters "American resume" and "Curriculum Vitae" and pay attention to the differences in their layouts. Mark in the margins where each of the following headings should be placed.



    NAME: Irene Palmer-Fitz

    DATE OF BIRTH: 3 October 1976

    NATIONALITY: Austrian

    MARITAL STATUS : Married

    ADDRESS: 28 Colkett Drive. Norwich NR6 7ND

    TELEPHONE: 01603-47036


    1986 - 1994: Grammar School, Krems, Austria

    1994 - 1999: Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, M.A. in Business Administration

    January - May 1997: Exchange Student at the University of Surrey, England POSTS HELD:

    June - December 1998: Part-time receptionist at the Hilton Hotel, Vienna
    March - June 1999: Freelance translator with Global Advertising, Vienna
    October 1989 - July 2000: Junior executive, European Department, Global

    Advertising, Vienna

    September 2000 - Present time: Marketing executive. Excelsior Essbestecke AG,


    Responsibilities: European field surveys, planning of advertising campaigns and liaison with firm's advertising agencies in Europe, in-house co-ordination and attendance at relevant trade fairs


    1995 Summer course: English for Business and Commerce,

    1996 Summer School: International Business, City of London Polytechnic

    LANGUAGES: Native language German, excellent knowledge of everyday and

    business English , adequate basic French
    HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Sailing, travelling, modern European painting

    and sculpture. REFERENCES:

    Dr. Frank Murphy Elisabeth Wlaschek
    Department of Economics Personnel Manager
    University of Surrey Excelsior Bestecke AG
    tel.# 01483-259980 431 - 330 68 61


    American resume


    EMPLOYMENT: March 1993 to present

    September 1992 to March 1993

    July 1991 August 1990







    Johnstrasse 34 A-1140 Vienna, Austria Telephone:01-9432522

    University of Michigan

    School of Business Administration

    Exchange Program, summer term 1992

    Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

    M.A. (Econ.) February 1992

    Course of Studies: Commerce Commercial High School, Graz Graduation June 1987

    Assistant Financial Manager Major responsibilities:

    - Preparation of internal and external financial reports

    - Translation of German-language financial statements and conversation to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles

    Liaison with independent auditors Multicorp Gmbh, Vienna

    Management Traineeship in all departments with emphasis on the financial department

    Industrial Society, London

    Accounting department

    Chase Manhattan, Vienna General back office duties

    Communication and negotiation seminar by Careers Advisory Service of the university

    First language German, fluent English, working knowledge of Spanish

    Editorial position on student newspaper, member of the university choir, keen tennis and jazz player

    Birthdate: 24 February 1968

    Marital status: single

    Compulsory military service completed

    References will be provided upon request


    EXERCISE 7 Find Russian equivalents for the following job application phrases

    With reference to your advertisement in "Trade Journal", reference No. 341 I read your advertisement in "The Economist" of March 4 with interest

    Professor XY of my university has drawn my attention to the fact that you are looking for...

    I wish to apply for the position of...

    I feel that my qualifications and abilities make me suitable for the job...

    I am sure that your company will benefit from my education and practical experience.

    I would particularly draw your attention to (highlights from c.v.:) I speak three European languages fluently.

    ... the fact that I graduated from the university in the minimum time

    I majored in Commerce / Business Administration / Economies / Business Education

    ... with special emphasis on SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) / bank management/...

    frequent periods of residence abroad

    my experience in various holiday jobs / part-time experience in banking.

    Last year I took a language course in...

    I participated in an exchange programme with the University of Surrey

    At the firm where I am now employed, my duties are to...

    Personally I feel I could contribute a great deal to your marketing team.

    My personal commitment would be a benefit to the whole personnel department.

    I would welcome the challenge of working with a lively team.

    I look forward to being invited to a job interview.

    EXERCISE 8 Write letters of application in response to the following advertisements. Follow this


    confirm that you wish to apply and say where you learned about the job say why you are interested in the position and relate your interests to those of the company show what you can contribute to the job by highlighting your most relevant skills and experience

    indicate your willingness to attend an interview (and possible state when you would be free to attend)



    UNIVERSAL Moscow, Leninskiy prospect 1, 15th PERSONNEL floor, office 1501, 1502 Telephone (7-095) 959 - 9346/ 9546 Fax / Phone (7-095) 959 - 9217/9259 E-mail: universa @ corbina ru

    Head of Reception for Management Consulting Company (female, 25-37, Fluent English, 3 years experience in similar position with Western company, overall control of reception, train, supervise & organize team of receptionists, not career oriented). Salary negotiable, resume for Maria.

    Universal Personnel Tel / Fax: 959 -9346 / 9217 / 9285

    Director of trade department

    Five years experience in selling to retail customers. Benefit to food products. Basic computer skills. Education. Basic English. Liability motivations.

    Fax 234 -1667 E-mail: sgyacis@glasnet.ru

    HineS A major American developer is
    Moscow seeking qualified candidates for
    the position ...

    Responsibilities of this position will

    include general secretarial duties,

    interpreting and written translation.

    Requirements include-.

    Excellent English language skills

    Professional computer and typing skills

    Responsible personality: age 23 -40

    Self starter, ambitious and confident

    Personally well-organized

    Experience at л construction or development company Please fax your resume and cover letter to the Human Resources Department: (095) 956 - 5920


    Macmillan Publisher Ltd


    Macmillam wish to appoint a European Representative to sell the group lists in parts of Scandinavia and in German speaking countries. We are looking for a graduate who wishes to make a career in sales and marketing, who should be prepared to travel approximately five months per year: fluent German and a clean driving license are essential. Drive, enthusiasm and an ability to work on his / her own is important.

    Personnel Department The job is based in our offices in Basingstoke and a car will be provided when needed for overseas travel. Please apply with full CV, quoting reference MP / 117/38/G to:

    Jennifer Grice Macmillan Publisher Ltd Houndsmill Basingstoke Hampshire

    RG2 2XS

    An equal opportunity employer operating a no-smoking policy.


    Western engineering company is looking

    for a candidate to fill the position of the

    Chief Accountant for its representative

    office and Russian subsidiary.


    • Providing accounting in Russian and GAAP / IAS format

    • Reporting to local tax authorities and

    funds 1 Responsible for management of a

    department of three other staff

    • Reporting to the expatriate Finance Director


    • Russian qualified accountant

    • At least three years experience with a project based company

    • Experience with a western

    company, including reporting to Head Office

    • Fluent English

    Please fax your CV to (095)956 3312/17

    Finance Directorate


    Negotiable salary


    • subsided leased car

    • performance related pay

    • generous relocation scheme including mortgage subsidy

    • flexible working hours The Council's direct services organisation have

    completed successfully for contracts of building maintenance, refuse collection, grounds maintenance, other cleaning and the management of sports and leisure facilities.

    We are looking for a qualified accountant who is confident with computerized general ledger systems.

    The postholder will be reporting to the direct services managers on a daily basis but will be professionally accountable to the Director of Finance.

    Please ring our 24 hour recruitment line on

    (01403) 64257 or write to Personnel, Park Hours, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1PL



    Personnel Officer

    London £20K

    A recent reorganization within our Personnel Department lias created this opportunity for an all-rounder to move into the fast developing world of financial services. As an insurance company with over 4,500 staff nationally, we are constantly evolving in response to market needs and business opportunities.

    Idealy a graduate and with at least one year's personnel experience, you will provide a full service to our Head Office staff. In this generalist role you will cover all aspects of a professional personnel service, including recruitment, salary reviews, administration and discipline. You should be studying or be prepared to study, for IPM membership. Benefits include a preferential mortgage interest rate after one year, pension scheme, interest free season ticket ban and subsidized restaurant facilities. Please send full details, including current salary to Mr I. Seehra, Personnel Officer, United Friendly Insurance pic, 42 Southwark Bridge Road, London SET 9HE. It is anticipated that interviews will be held in early November. UN/TEDFRIENDLYINSURANCE

    The Russian Journal




    в вечернее время и в выходные дни.

    Компьютерная грамотность и базовое знание английского языка являются необходимым условием.

    Присылайте резюме на английском

    языке с пометкой STU / SEC по факсу 959 - 2408 или по электронной

    почте на адрес: jobs @russiajournal. com

    EXERCISE 9 Write your own C. V. or Resume

    EXERCISE 10 Make up a C. V. or Resume that would best suit the prospective employers. Use one of the advertisement from exercise .

    A Letter of Recommendatior

    EXERCISE 11 Scan the text below and highlight a few general points about how to write a letter of recommendation.


    When students apply to undergraduate or graduate programs abroad, the application process usually includes at least two recommendations from teachers or professors who can honestly evaluate the student's academic ability and potential as a scholar. These letters count a lot in making the decision on whether or not to accept the students so it is important that you provide the admissions committee with the kind of information that is most helpful. Your American colleagues are relying on your judgement and expertise to help them make the right decision.

    Only agree to write a recommendation if you can write a positive one. It is best to be honest with the student and tell him or her to ask someone else if what you have to say is going to hurt chances of acceptance.


    Find out what he student's specific goals are before you begin writing the recommendation. You want to emphasize the aspects of her/his personality and academic performance that relate to that goal.

    The letter should include:

    1. Your status - position at the university or job title. How long have you known the student and in what capacity (as a teacher, an adviser, a research supervisor, etc.)

    2. The better you know the student, the more effective your recommendation will be. They want specifics, NOT generalizations. It is good to say that someone is hardworking and organised, but you need to back up these statements with concrete examples. "Julia is a hardworking student. Her research project on unemployment in Akademgorodok was thorough and was an impressive demonstration of her ability to work with and analyse statistics." Talk about what the student has done and is capable of doing. What is it exactly about the student that makes her or him special? Why do you think this student would benefit from studying abroad?

    3. Evaluate the student by comparing him or her with other students you have observed in your work. The following is a suggestion of categories you may wish to use for comparison. You can use phrases such as excellent, very good, average, or below average.

    > Intellectual Ability
    > Teaching Potential
    > Knowledge of Field
    > Resourcefulness and Initiative
    >• Motivation to Pursue Graduate Study
    > Potential for Significant Future
    Contribution in Field

    > Work Habits

    > Seriousness of Purpose

    > Emotional Maturity

    ^ Adaptability to New Situations

    4. Quantify your impressions. Is the student in the top 5% of his or her classmates, top 10%, 25%, 50%?

    One page is sufficient. Quality, not quantity, is what is important. Make every sentence count. Do not put something in if an immediate connection cannot be made between that information and the student's ability to participate in the program.
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