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  • Unit 4 youth's problems pretext exercises

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    EXERCISE 12 Read the following sample letters of recommendation carefully. Highlight and

    translate into Russian the phrases used To characterize the applicant. Notice the layout and identify the point of each paragraph


    Re: Ms.N/Mr. N

    Mr Richard Steiner

    SUNY System Administration Office

    State University Plaza, Room N 5 1 7

    Albany, NY 12246

    May 17, 1999

    Dear Mr. Steiner:

    It is my pleasure to say a few words about Ms. N / Mf. N who was one of my outstanding students in an upper level course, Economics of Growth and Development. N was a student of high standards. She /He was determined and hard working with an abstract mind and concrete behaviof.


    Throughout the semester she / he proved to have a good grasp of the problem under consideration and the way to look for a solution. Her / His approach to problem solving was thorough and comprehensive. He /she is charming and friendly. With all his / her qualifications I do not hesitate to recommend her/ him strongly for the position he / she is applying for I have no doubt that he / she will be an asset to your institution. Please feel free to call me if I could be of any assistance to your decision making.


    Farrokh Hornozi,

    Ph.D. Professor of Economics


    P.S. Since during the summer time I will not hold my regular office hours you can call me at my home number, (516) 937-1348


    May 15, 1999

    To whom it may concern:

    I have known Ms. N / Mr. N for a year as a student in my class of Environmental Economics at Pace University.

    Ms. N / Mr. N proved to be a conscientious student who was always prepared and who exhibited a serious interest in the subject matter. I might add that N's command of the English language, written and spoken, is close to perfect, and she /he had no problems in assimilating to what must be a different set of personal and communal mores. I have also had the opportunity to learn that a colleague of mine, with whom Ms. N / Mr. N had taken an advance course in Economics, was also full of praise for N's manners and work habits.

    In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ms. N / Mr. N, who, I am sure, will prove to be a valuable addition to your institution.

    Sincerely yours,

    Prof. Ghassan Karam


    May 30, 1999

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this reference for Mr. N / Ms. N, who worked as a student aide in the Cooperative

    Education Office of Pace University in White Plains from March 1, to May 15, 1999, when she / he was an exchange student.

    During this time, I found N to be very intelligent, hardworking, mature and highly competent. He / She performed tasks with ease and efficiency. His / her communication skills are excellent. She assisted employers, students and staff on the phone and in person in a professional

    manner. He / She was dependable and trustworthy.

    N is an outstanding worker. He / She will be an asset to any employer. I recommend her/ him

    without reservation.

    Sincerely, Ягуейпа 'Bassano


    Angelina Bassano Associate Director Cooperative Education


    June 28, 1995

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please be advised that I am the Internship Supervisor for Ms. N. N's internship was funded by the United States Information Agency Freedom Support Act Undergraduate Program through the Institute of International Education.

    N is a highly fluent and idiomatic English speaker and writer. Her Business / finance educational background allowed her to easily fit in to our complex financial operations. She was assigned to support the Morozov Project which is funded by the US Agency for International Development. This project is the largest business development and training project currently being funded in Russia and the former Soviet Republics. Her business/accounting skills and language capabilities helped her administer the US based project office by preparing all required federal expenditure documents while our two projects’ staffs were on assignment in Russia. Ms. N is adept at using and transmitting documents through Internet and has learned many of the significant accounting requirements of US funded activities.

    N easily adjusted to our office routines, is highly cooperative and willing to take on any task and then to do it professionally and on schedule. She was very reliable in-time and attendance. N has well developed interpersonal skills to go along with his/her her exemplary technical abilities. I recommend her without reservation to any international or Russian firm doing business in Russia and /or the United States that requires a highly fluent English speaker in addition to business / accounting skills.

    Sincerely, Richard Steiner

    Dr. Richard Steiner

    Director and Operations Manager


    LUBIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS PLEASANTVILLE, NY 10570 (914)773-3200 FAX (914)773-3785

    To Whom It May Concern:


    I am writing this letter at the request of N. My association with N began in January 1 1998 while he / she was a student in an advanced accounting yourself was teaching). Because I have been able to observe N for the past four months I believe I can make a uniquely informed recommendation.

    At the beginning of the semester N stood out as a motivated, dedicated, intelligent individual. He / she was genuinely interested in understanding and mastering the complex accounting issues I introduced to the class. As time passed, he / she proved to be one of the top students in the class and earned my respect for his / her effort and participation which contributed much to the success of the course.

    Oddly enough, it was not until four weeks into the semester while talking to N that I became aware that he / she was an exchange student from Russia. He / she spoke excellent English, and exhibited superior writing skills. I was very impressed his/ her with cultural diversity and his/her and intellectual abilities. His / her peers admired him / her I heard nothing but (good comments) from other professors. N's family and country should be very proud of his / her accomplishments and his / her participation as a goodwill ambassador while in the United States.

    In summary N is an outstanding individual with tremendous potential. I believe what ever endeavor he / she chooses he/she contribute intelligence, personality, standard desire, and he / she will whatever he/she does better. I recommend him / her enthusiastically and I am proud to have been able to share in his / her academic experiences as their's contributed much to my experience.

    Janes P. Clementt

    James P. Clement Professor of Accounting May 12,1994

    EXERCISE 13 Write a reference (a letter of recommendation) for a good friend of yours who is applying for a grant to work on a project in the field of economics. You consider him/her quite eligible for the grant.
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